Kum Nye Mindful Movement Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation and Somatic Movement..

Kum Nye relaxation is a practice of slow gentle and mindful movements which relieves tension patterns in the mind body while building our resiliency and helping us to become more resourced, balanced and healthy, increasing our enjoyment and appreciation of life. In Kum Nye practices we attune to our senses and felt experience within the body. By softening our thinking analytical mind to cultivating our more receptive mind of preception and feeling, our experiences become richer, healthier and more interconnected as we begin to live more through our heart and felt experience. As we become more deeply connected through the practice we grow in heartful self awareness, which extends beyond  the self to relate with a more attuned awareness to others, nature and the world around us.

Kum Nye class format begins with a guided meditation and breath awareness practice. Then a slow gentle movement is introduced which can be adpated to suit, and be safe to practice for everyone regardless of age or physical ability. After this movement there is a meditation opening our awareness to the sensations awakened in the body by the movement. The practice is completed with a chanting practice.

Grainne holds Kum Nye classes and retreats both locally in Waterford and in Devon, England. She is currently co facitilating kum nye retreats on line. Details are on Grainnes Facebook page.

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