Kinesiology pronounced, kin-easy-ology, links meridian energy flow with muscles and organs/glands. It combines modern western methods of muscle testing, anatomy and physiology with the ancient and rich chinese tradition of acupuncture and the knowelege of the meridians and energy balancing.

Over the years many branches of kinesiology have developed so it now offers a rounded holistic approach to the art of healing. Grainne’s specific area of interest lies in emotional stress release, holding neuro lymphatic reflexes, neuro vascular points and tapping meridian end points / acupressure points.

Imbalances in the energy system interfere with the optimum function of the body. If ignored long term these imbalances may cause unwanted compensations and ultimately deterioration in health and well being.

Clients who attend a kinesiologist are invited to develop and accept personal responsibility for their own health, rather than being passively “treated”. This allows the client greater control over their own health and often they are given techniques they can use themselves in times of stress or as part of their “growth work” to improve their quality of life.

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