Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy


Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapy works with the cerebral spinal fluid that flows around the brain and the spinal cord. This is a potent fluid that bathes the whole nervous system. A biodynamic cranio sacral therapist listens to and feels the rhythms of this potent fluid system, whose free flow indicates optimal health in the body. They also tune into, and listen to, the subtle rhythms of the body, those of the nervous system, the tissues – muscles, organs, connective tissue and fascia.

Listening to these systems the therapists’ orientation is toward the inherent health of the body, the body’s own natural innate, creative intelligence, this is the territory of the ordering matrix, cellular consciousness or breath of life. Enfolded within the wisdom of the clients own body is the most efficient route to regain balance or homeostasis within their own system, this is known as the inherent treatment plan.

The therapist is guided and informed by this and makes contact with areas of the body that are centering a disturbance that presents for healing. Holding space for reorganisation and integration of that disturbance, the energy that had been used to contain the disturbance is now liberated and it returns to the body, enhancing the available life force energy within the clients’ own body.

Because biodynamic cranio sacral therapy works directly with the nervous system, therapists in this field of work are specifically trained to create a safe space for the clients system to safely negotiate down regulation of the nervous system. Orienting clients to what resources them, supports a feeling of safety within the nervous system.

This enables the body to come out of fight/ flight/ freeze states (stress/trauma), where the nervous system is in constant flux or stuck in repeated patterns, to a state of ease where the body can rest, renew, digest and repair, releasing patterns of holding that may include, physical tension, pain, illness, or disease, emotional or mental distress, and its resultant affect on the body, mind and life experience of the person. Biodynamic cranio sacral therapy facilitates these changes in the system as a whole to fundamentally change our way of being in the world and enhance our quality of life and living.

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