Chakra Self Healing


Chakras are the Keys to Health and Higher Consciousness

What are Chakras?

Chakras are centres of energy which are situated along the spine in the energy body. The energy body is situated just ouside the physical body and this is where all of our lifeforce energy, or prana, is stored. The meaning of the word charkra is “wheel”. They are called “wheels” because of the circular movement of the energy that whirls in and out of them. There are seven main chakra centres.

Why are the Chakras so Important?

Each chakra or energy centre within our body has an optimum rate of vibration in relation to the Universal Life Force, as well as to other chakras. Because of stress, illness or a host of other causes, this vibration can be affected, causing the chakras to vibrate suboptimally. Once our energy centres are out of balance, our physical body cannot access the level of lifeforce energy it requires to live a full and healthy life. Even more importantly, the chakras are connected to all the other levels of our existance, such as our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. A change in the activitation of our chakras, will have an effect on all of our other bodies as well. Each main chakra maintains the healthy functioning of specific physcial organs. For example, if the fourth or Heart Chakra is imbalanced, this will effect the healthy functioning of the heart and lungs. We can experience this imbalance by feeling tired, stressed or anxious; a serious imbalance can result in illness.

About the Chakra Healing Workshop?

This program is a complete chakra self healing system, given to us through Rudra Shivananda a Yogi Master in the Indian Nath Tradition.

There are seven techniques in this system of Chakra self healing most of which are done in a seated posture with the exception of one which is practiced lying down and a second one which incorporates physical yoga postures. The general format is that each practice is preceded by additional information which is understood and digested before beginning practice.

Each technique has a method and a result which is experiential rather than theoretical, consistent with and based on the proven and time-honoured transmissions of the yogic scientists of the snowy mountains. Yoga offers a spiritual journey, an experimental path of many dimensions. It is a great joy and privilege to share these powerful yet simple practices to all those who are open to experiencing them. They have the power to transform your life and accelerate your spiritual evolution.

In this workshop you will learn techniques which tune each main chakra and bring it into balance with the other main chakras, you will learn practices for rejuvenating the physical body, energizing the astral energy body, detoxifying the emotional body and transforming negative thoughts in the mental body to positive ones.

In this workshop you will be taught techniques to:

Attain Balance and Health in this Life
Rejuvenate the Body
Eliminate Fatigue and Stress by Activating the Energy Centers
Heal negative, life-draining emotions
Heal negative mental blocks
Transform the chakras to facilitate the flow of Kundalini

How do I Get Started?

Grainne holds Chakra self Healing classes and retreats which will begin again in September 2019. To be kept up to date on these, please feel free to sign up to the newsletter, “like” Grainne’s facebook page.

Grainne has been authorised by Rudra Shivananda to teach Chakra Self Healing and holds chakra Self Healing retreats in Waterford.

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